Guangzhou Cheerful Electronic Sci&Tech Co., Ltd

Aguascalientes, México

Cheerful is a high-tech company with a professional research and development team. Founded in 2008, Cheerful has devoted itself to human body composition analyzer designing and manufacturing and achieved many national patents so far. Itâ??s registered trade mark, â??bodecoderâ?is well-known in China as well as many other countries and areas.

The human body is composed of 4 main components. Water, fat, protein and minerals. Have a moderate amount of each component is important for a healthy life. The products help people monitor and improve their lives.

Bodecoder is a unique BIA body composition monitor providing segmental assessment with high results accuracy. This technology is clinically proven and reliable. Typically, these types of measurements could only be taken by a doctor or physical trainer. With bodecoder, users can get them at home, anytime they want. It is the most cost/effective device in its range found on the market.

We believe in â??smart measure, better lifeâ?. Record and monitor your body composition. database for yourself, for your family members or your customers. Learn from the data and find effective ways to improve health. It helps us to keep continued motivation to live a better way. Our moto is â??you get numbers and go get your goalsâ?. We are truly excited to think of what value bodecoder can bring to more customers.

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